Hello Art Lovers of all kind. Thank you for keeping an eye out on what new with my art. I've decided on a new series. I call it "Dichotomy" series.
I've been away from the figurative subject for some years now. But I didn't want to just go back and now push my self. I felt like the figure would have to transcend into something else, maybe even not be visibly figurative. The route I took was almost abstraction. The idea of a Dichotomy being the central concept was to divide the subject into two, at least, different entities and present the idea of two figures as one.
But enough about me blabbing on about the idea. Here are two of the new paintings from the new Series. I will be adding an archive of older work for those that like some of those paintings.
Thank you again for checking out the new artwork, new look and new Blog.

New Muse by Macsorro Acrylics on Canvas Panel 11"x14"