Friday, August 3, 2012

Dorla Dark Book

Hi people!

Thanks for checking out my new work. In the last few months I've been busy making lots of new paintings for shows in the US, Italy and Tokyo. But when I put the brushes down I like to write short stories and novellas. I've always been passionate about writing, fiction mainly, since I was in grade school. Most of them have never seen the light of day, but that's about to change. For about a year I've been madly pounding on my keyboard trying to write an exiting story for you guys to read. After a few key replacements, countless revisions and a sprinkle of creative dust, I am done. It was fun and very tedious, like most of my paintings, but worth the satisfaction of seeing it ready for people to enjoy.

The novella is called Dorla Dark: Holy Huntress. It's comparable to the works of Mike Mignola, a personal favorite, creator of the Hellboy series. If you like his work you will definitely like my novella.

The book is available on Kindle at You'll be able to download it instantly into your Kindle device or any Device with the Kindle app. It's available for $0.99.

I'm sure you'll find Dorla Dark to be mysterious, dark, adventurous and a fun read.  I also illustrated a portrait of the main character Dorla Dark featured on the cover of the book. Check out the illustration and synopsis bellow and head over to and get a copy.

Thanks for visiting guys, and thanks for the support!