Thursday, October 5, 2017

Get your kicks on Route 66

I am happy to bring you guys my new painting.

"Get your kicks on a classic red Mustang" Painted with acrylics, on a gallery wrapped canvas. 20"x24".
Available $2,300. Click here to inquire.

Growing up, my grandfather had a car like the Mustang. It was in fact the first can I remember riding. The sound of the engine and speed blew my mind. To this day I look at cars and think...but it's not a mustang. I can't help it. I loved that car. Loved going fast and seeing the countryside zip by. One day I will ride a red Ford Mustang across Route 66.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Keep Your Eye on the Prize-Supercar

This is "Keep your eye one the prize-Supercar" and it was painted on a 20"X24" stretched gallery Canvas. Available. $2,300.

Painted in June 2017. My newest painting in the "Keep your eye on the prize" series. This one features a blue Ferrari Supercar.

This piece, like the other in the series, is about perseverance and the drive to reach ones goals. The car is just a metaphor for the goal. So keep at it and keep your eye on that prize. Years ago I wished to one day make artwork that people would be happy to collect, and today it's a reality. 

Corgi's Teddy Bear Gift Delivery

This is "Corgi's Teddy Bear Gift Delivery" and it was painted using acrylic paints on a standard stretched 14"X11" canvas. 

This painting is about the joy of gift giving. Much like the uphoric sensation we get from buying birthday gifts, and holiday gifts and anniversary gifts, this piece is all about that. So give to your loved ones, and gift often. I will be making this "joy of gifts" a series, and I am super excited for what's to come.